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DenverRolfingSessionInfo3I like questions.

People who know me well know that about me. During my Rolfing® training, I was the guy who always had a few zingers waiting on deck for our teachers. My reputation for being curious and inquisitive became a running joke amongst my classmates. “I have a question…” Of course you do, Eric.

This being my first blog post ever, I’ve been asking myself some big questions lately:

“What do I want to say? Where do I start? Who am I speaking to? And most importantly, why am I writing?”

For starters, it’s about ‘rapport’, which is actually a primary goal for the first Rolfing session with a new client. Getting to know each other, building trust, creating an environment that’s conducive to getting work done, and opening up possibilities for my client.

Author Simon Sinek has become known over the last few years due to his highly influential TED talk (watch it here). In it, he discusses how ‘why’ we do what we do is more important than ‘what’ we do. His focus is usually in the business and marketing sphere. But I believe it applies to our lives as people and the world we live in, not just our businesses.

Over the last six months, I’ve been turning my questions inward and asking myself “Why do I do what I do?” It’s been a very intriguing exercise, one which has led me to building my new website, tapping into the energies that drive my Rolfing practice, and looking at myself through a different lens.

We all have something to learn from one another. Contrary to my slightly naïve observations over the years, no one has it all figured out. I certainly don’t. Asking questions and yielding to my curiosity are the ‘actions’ that keep me on the path to my own learning, discoveries and personal growth. It’s not always easy, but it certainly makes life more interesting.

So (drumroll, please…), I have some questions for you:

What’s one thing you’re passionate about and why?

Where are you going in your life and why?

What are you doing to help the person next to you? And why?

I’m all ears…