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“Eric Gordon is a life changer. I went through the Ten-series with him in 2011 and have seen him periodically for minor issues or injuries since. When I first met Eric, I had numerous complications from a shoulder dislocation, including crippling nerve damage, and chronic knee and low back issues from other injuries. I also struggled with my posture as a result of those things. Eric’s work brought about a big physical transformation, as well as a profound mental one, and allowed me to feel better than I have in years. Rolfing is hands down the best value I’ve ever gotten for an investment I’ve made in myself. If you are on the fence about Rolfing, please don’t be. Eric will deliver everything he promises and then some. He can change your life too.”

Emily L. | Boulder, CO

“Eric was recommended to me by my doctor because of a hip issue. My hip felt remarkably better after the first visit. I chose to do the Ten-series, and Eric helped me to understand how long-term patterns of body tension and mis-alignment contribute to lingering injuries. Eric’s approach is thoughtful and he has a high degree of awareness and sensitivity. He is able to look beyond the immediate issue or injury and determine where tension or restriction of movement in other parts of your body may be contributing to the issue. His demeanor is centered, grounded and deliberate, and I had the highest confidence in how he decided to work with me. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Carl J. | Denver, CO

“Eric’s years of experience really come through in his practice. He helped me alleviate neck and sacrum issues, and create more spaciousness in my body. I feel wonderful after working with Eric – like I’m aligned in ways I didn’t even know I needed.”

Sharine W. | Denver, CO


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“Eric is a miracle worker! I hurt my left shoulder swimming. I saw a doctor, a physician assistant and a physical therapist, all of whom had their own opinion about what was wrong (everything from a disc issue to a rib problem). Nothing helped and all I received was pain medication and instructions to use heat and ice. This went on for 3 weeks – the pain was horrible! I finally went to see Eric and within 90 minutes the pain was so reduced that I realized the nerves on my left side were the real problem. He is great!”

K.F. | Denver, CO

“Completing a Rolfing series with Eric changed my life. I had lower back pain for about 15 years and tried all different types of therapies for it, but nothing worked. Now, I wake up without low back pain, and I’m able to do exercises that used to kill my back. My entire body feels different. Rolfing helped me with my knee, my upper body and legs feel more integrated, and I often refer to “my new torso”.  I highly recommend Rolfing with Eric for anyone who wants to fix those little aches and pains that just don’t go away or who just wants to improve the flow and alignment in their body. There are numerous fringe benefits to a Rolfing series – I’ve felt more creative and open after my sessions. And don’t let anyone scare you away from Rolfing by talking about how painful it is – that’s a total myth.”

Cat | Denver, CO

“My experience with Eric was nothing short of eye-opening. I regard it as both personal and professional epiphany. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him as a colleague and as a client.”

Michelle S., PT, DPT | Omaha, NE

“I recently completed my Rolfing series with Eric Gordon, and the results have been mind-blowing. I noticed a difference after the first session; I felt more relaxed and seemed to ‘fit’ better in my body so much that I slept better that night than I’d had in years. I have noticed a better more fluid range of movement throughout my body that has even benefited my yoga practice. The icing on the cake, the reason that brought me to Rolfing: migraines – they have all but disappeared and I attribute that to the work Eric has done. Eric is a true professional that I can recommend without any hesitation.”

Mark Roncato | Denver, CO

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“I am so pleased with the results of my Rolfing experience with Eric, and it’s truly the best investment I have ever made for my own health. Before I began, my physical structure was a mess, and I had pain and stiffness everywhere. With each session I noticed changes and improvements with my mobility, and the pain in my neck and knees and everywhere else gradually diminished. I actually feel taller and more graceful now. I was so pleased that I brought my 10-year old daughter to Eric for a ten-series. She was going through a major growth period and complained of sore knees and a sore back every day. Eric did such a great job working with her and making her feel comfortable. It was so awesome to hear her describe how she felt better each week and how she looked forward to her sessions. I recommend Rolfing, and Eric in particular, with his insightful and professional practice to anyone who is experiencing pain or loss of mobility due to misalignment.”

Rhonda | Denver, CO

“I worked with Eric in 2009 and I can say that it changed my life for the better. My physical challenges are just that – huge challenges. Since 1999, I’ve had 3 back surgeries, including two endoscopic diskectomies and a spinal fusion, none of which helped. I went to see 3 different Rolfers before seeing Eric and I’m glad my life crossed paths with his. He’s truly a professional and I know you’ll be happy working with him too. Thanks again Eric!”

Billy Camping | Phoenix, AZ

“If you’re considering going to see a Rolfer, here are some things to know: Be sure your practitioner is professional, respectful, skilled, and above all completely present. I feel fortunate in that Eric possesses all of these qualities, and thus throughout my sessions I felt safe, comfortable, and completely attended to. As far as the work itself – it sounds funny, but I feel like I’m in my body and walking on the Earth!  It’s interesting and wonderful. Thank you Eric!”


“After the first session with Eric, I felt like I was finally standing correctly for the first time since an injury 20 years ago. I immediately found a difference in how I walked and I felt balanced. Eric is extremely professional and knowledgable. He will take the time to explain what he is doing and what is happening in your body, if you want him to. This process is life-changing.”

Jaime | Denver, CO

“I highly recommend Eric for those considering Rolfing sessions to improve body alignment and function. He is very skilled in his assessments regarding areas of postural misalignment, and creates excellent treatment plans with input from his clients about their concerns and goals. Eric’s clinical skills, and his results, are also excellent. I began Rolfing to address chronic knee pain and headaches. After my second treatment, my headaches resolved. Further work on my posture and gait decreased my knee pain significantly, enabling me to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and later, to walk a half marathon. Best of all is that one year later I still feel great. Thank you Eric!”

Diane Kane, M.D. | Denver, CO

“I have a hard time explaining my Rolfing experience to people without sounding like a zealot. Even a month or two after having completed the series, I can still feel my body shifting and getting used to its new, improved normal. So many movements that used to be uncomfortable for me or seemed strangely impossible for my body now come easily and with fluidity, and all of this is further bolstered by a greater sense of body and movement awareness. For a long time, I feared it was inevitable that chronic issues with my back and knees would eventually lead to dependence on Western medicine, surgery, and other extreme measures. Even after I realized that there were other options, I didn’t find the profound changes I was seeking from other therapies (acupuncture, chiropractic, neuromuscular therapy, etc.), which didn’t seem to me to address my body as a system that had to learn new ways of being. Rolfing has turned out to be a powerful and effective answer for me, the sort of truly holistic approach I was yearning for. The icing on the cake is Eric himself and the character of his practice. As a friend of mine (who is also a client of Eric’s) puts it, he has great integrity around his work. That has been clear in every single session I’ve had with him, and I am grateful!”

Lindsey | Denver, CO

“I completed a Rolfing series with Eric at the end of 2011, and the difference in the way my body feels is profound. I used to feel “bunched up” or “tight” or “knotty” when I became stressed, but this doesn’t happen any more. Working with Eric is terrific. He is very knowledgeable, passionate about Rolfing and the big picture of what Rolfing is and can do, for the mind, body and spirit. This is combined with a great intuitive sense when he is working. I tried Rolfing because my body seemed to know what it needed and I wanted to give myself a midlife tune-up, and I am very pleased with the results.”

Pam | Denver, CO

“For years, I’ve been dealing with some prolonged pain issues in my back and neck.  I’ve tried everything (medicine, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical fitness), and have only gotten minimal relief.  After a friend recommended Rolfing, I decided to try it, and I am amazed at how well it works for me. I especially like it because it gets at the root problem (the structure of my body) and helps to realign it.  I especially liked working with Eric.  He listened to me and helped me understand how I can best integrate my Rolfing experience into my life activities (working, driving, even sitting down to watch TV).  He’s definitely one of the best wellness practitioners I’ve worked with over the years.”

Scott | Denver, CO

“I chose Eric Gordon as a Rolfer because I sensed he would be able to address my physical needs, while staying present enough to care for my delicate and changing body early in my pregnancy.  He met my expectations beyond what I could have hoped for. Eric managed to accomplish what chiropractors, massage therapists, other Rolfers, and years of yoga practice could not. And now, two months later, I’m even more amazed that it’s gotten better still. In addition, Eric was able to address an old injury to my tailbone. He very patiently and subtly worked to relieve the physical and emotional trauma left behind from this accident. I truly feel more stable, calm, balanced, graceful and put together after my three sessions with Eric.”

Crystal | RYT, Bodyworker